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A Quick Guide To Reading Anthro Comic Collections

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When you want to read an anthropomorphic comic that has been established and around for a while, you can access a whole backlog of issues and options. When you shop for specific comics, you may become confused about exactly what to look for and what order to go in. Follow this quick guide to learn more about reading the comic collections and ways to follow the anthro comics from start to finish. Read More»

3 Ways To Tell If A Bronze Sculpture Is Real

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Bronze is a material that has been used throughout all of antiquity. Bronze was used as a medium for striking coins, creating weapons, and casting artistic figures. A good bronze statue can be quite collectible in today’s art market, which is why many bronze forgeries have been starting to appear in retail settings. Learn more about the tell-tale attributes of a quality bronze statue so that you will be better prepared to identify authentic pieces to add to your own art collection in the future. Read More»

Why Reach For A Book Of Poetry When You're In Emotional Turmoil?

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Life isn’t always smooth sailing. At times, you may encounter upsetting situations. A breakup, death, or loss can cause emotional turmoil that leads to feelings of sadness and anger. When you’re in the middle of these feelings, it can be hard to imagine ever feeling better. Fortunately, there are things you can do to care for your emotions, such as reaching for a good book. Poetry is a form of literature that distills the human experience into meaningful words. Read More»