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3 Ways To Tell If A Bronze Sculpture Is Real

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Bronze is a material that has been used throughout all of antiquity. Bronze was used as a medium for striking coins, creating weapons, and casting artistic figures.

A good bronze statue can be quite collectible in today's art market, which is why many bronze forgeries have been starting to appear in retail settings.

Learn more about the tell-tale attributes of a quality bronze statue so that you will be better prepared to identify authentic pieces to add to your own art collection in the future.

1. Evaluate the Appearance

Looks can tell you a lot about a bronze statue. A good visual examination will be able to reveal if the statue in question is an authentic bronze piece or a fake.

Bronze naturally develops a patina over time. This patina is meant to protect the bronze against corrosion, and typically has a glossy appearance. You should rub away a small section of the patina when trying to determine if a bronze statue has value.

The underlying material will be reddish-gold in color if it truly is bronze. Fakes will typically have a darker color and could even appear glossy underneath the added patina.

2. Check the Malleability

Another simple test that you can use to determine if you are looking at an authentic bronze statue is to check the malleability of the piece.

Bronze is a very hard and durable metal. Most of the fake statues that are circulating on the open market are made from resin-based materials that don't have the same strength as bronze.

Make it a point to squeeze the statue and poke at it a little before committing to purchase it. A real bronze will feel hard to the touch and have no give. A fake will be more malleable to the touch.

3. Test the Weight

The weight of a statue can tell you a lot about the materials it is made from. Most of the materials used to create fake bronze statues will either be a lot heavier or a lot lighter than actual bronze.

Visit a reputable art dealer and ask to hold several of their smaller bronze pieces. This will give you a good idea of what similar-sized pieces should weigh.

If the statue you are evaluating feels much heavier than the real thing, it could be made from iron. If it feels too light to be bronze, a resin-based material may have been used.

Whenever it's possible to test the weight of a bronze statue, gauging its heft can reveal a lot about the value of the piece. To learn more, reach out to a service that creates custom bronze sculptures.