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Common Picture Frame Repairs

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Picture frames are fragile items that can be easily damaged. From broken glass to cracked corners, there are a variety of common problems that can occur. Fortunately, your local frame shop can quickly handle most picture frame repairs. Here's what you need to know about some of the more common picture frame repairs.

Broken Wire

The wire on the back of a picture frame is essential for hanging it on a wall. If this wire breaks or becomes detached from the frame itself, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Your framer can do this for you by removing any existing wire from the back of the frame and replacing it with an appropriately sized piece of wire. Do not disregard a broken wire and try to hang the picture by the rail, or top portion of the frame, as this will damage the frame and could cause the glass to pop out of the frame and break.

Broken Glass

If the glass in your picture frame is broken or cracked, you will need to replace it. First, use a wide adhesive tape, like packaging, duct, or even blue painter's tape, to secure the pieces of glass together. This step will not fix the glass but will keep everything safe during transport. Your local framer can replace the glass in your picture frame, sometimes while you wait.

Broken Frame Decoration

Gol and silver-leaf picture frames often have decorative elements such as carved rope or Acanthus leaves. Unfortunately, these fragile elements can easily become damaged or fall off completely. While your frame shop may be able to repair it, you may need to seek out a professional conservation repair service at a nearby museum instead.

Broken Frame Corner

Picture frames should always be vertical or horizontal. Allowing a picture frame to rest on its corner will cause it to break. Picture frames are built with either brads or v-nails and a copious amount of glue. Standing the frame on the corner will crack the glue seal and destroy the integrity of the frame. If one or more corners of your picture frame have broken, your frame shop can take it apart and rebuild the frame for you.

No matter what type of damage has occurred to your picture frame, chances are there is an easy solution available. Contact a local shop that offers picture frame repairs to find out more. With their help, your favorite picture can be back on the wall in no time.