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3 Outline Options Ideal For Tattoo Cover Ups

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There may be cases where you regret certain tattoos, your interests change, or you find yourself in a new place in your life. Thankfully, you do not have to be stuck with the same tattoo forever. You have the option to cover up a tattoo and work with a professional artist who can complete the tattoo design for you.

When you cover up a tattoo, you will typically go with something larger to ensure the space is fully covered. In many cases, you will need an outline around the new tattoo design to fully cover up previous designs and to ensure nothing is visible. Check out some of the tattoo outline options and decide which one works best for your tattoo design.

1. Floral Outlines

The intricate details and wide range of options with floral designs make them ideal cover-up options. Choose specific flowers to go around the main replacement tattoo option. A tattoo artist can create floral outlines that include layers of flowers, different designs, and professional shading to really make the design stand out.

The floral outlines pair well with a lot of tattoo designs including animals, text, or various symbols. Tattoo artists can work with a wide range of floral designs so you can choose specific flowers that you want to feature in the outline as well.

2. Shaded Outlines

Easily cover up sections of a tattoo with dark black shading around a new design. The shading helps draw focus to a new design and can ensure the other design is not visible at all. Dark shading will create a unique look on the tattoo and provide a lot of depth to the design.

For example, specific drawings can look more realistic with shaded outlines that match the flow and design of the new tattoo you seek. The process will make the cover-up easy to complete and lead to more intricate designs.

3. Colored Outlines

If your original tattoo was in black, then you have the option to update the design with a colored outline. A colored outline can include a wide range of colors that really stand out and create a unique tattoo look. The colored outlines can include geometric shapes, unique features, and elements like color blends.

You could choose a single color outline or a wide range of colors that matches the rest of the tattoo design. For example, a cover-up idea may include a team logo or mascot design. The colored outline could feature team colors that really stand out.

For more information on tattoo cover-ups, contact a professional near you.