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A Quick Guide To Reading Anthro Comic Collections

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When you want to read an anthropomorphic comic that has been established and around for a while, you can access a whole backlog of issues and options. When you shop for specific comics, you may become confused about exactly what to look for and what order to go in.

Follow this quick guide to learn more about reading the comic collections and ways to follow the anthro comics from start to finish.

1. Individual Comics

You can easily trace back anthro comics from their first issue and on. Along with individual numbers, also look for the release date in the comic's information. For example, the issue information in the top left corner of the first comic may read "NOV 99" to represent November of 1999. The next month's issue would read "DEC 99" with issue #2 listed.

If you see a gap between the months, then the comic may have had a special edition version released. The special edition could include an expanded version of a spin-off. Look for special numbering like "Issue #2A" as opposed to the next number. The back pages of a comic book will often display the next issue date as well.

2. Comic Book Volumes

After several issues of a comic have been released, publishers may compile them together to create comic book volumes. The volumes do not contain new content but will feature collections of the comics in a single bundle. If you want to catch up on an anthropomorphic comic series, then volumes are the best way to stay organized and get through a lot of content.

Volumes will have separate numbers from the individual comic releases. For example, Volume 1 of a comic may include the first ten to twenty issues of a comic book. If you purchase the comics digitally, a volume offers one of the best ways to keep your digital library organized.

3. Graphic Novels

In some cases, comic book creators want to tell a longer story in one release. The stand-alone stories often get sold as graphic novels. Think of the individual comics as episodes of a TV show and the graphic novel as a movie spin-off. You can almost always read graphic novels on their own, but you should have some idea of the character and world history first.

Graphic novels could feature an over-arching story with sequels and plots as well. Look for the release date to understand exactly when a graphic novel starts.

Now that you know how to navigate the world of anthro comics, check out some options online and dive into some new stories and tales.