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4 Key Things To Consider When Choosing An Art Storage Unit

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You spend so much time and money on your art collections to store them carelessly and cut short their lifespan. When you reflect on the struggles you have probably encountered to get your hands on your art collections, you should consider getting an art storage unit. If you are a first-timer, the endless choices might confuse you. This piece will take you through some key things to consider when selecting a suitable art storage unit.

1. Determine the Right Size

Art pieces are diverse and have no limitations in size and technicality. Take a look at your current pieces of art and determine the size of an ideal storage unit for them. You might also want to work with the size of future acquisitions.

Do you plan to purchase huge art pieces? Perhaps you would like to go for a bigger and longer storage unit. Reliable dealers offer proper advice on the best units that support all sizes.

2. Safety Features

Artworks are often unique and rare, which makes them so valuable. In fact, some investors buy high-end art pieces to dispose of the arts in the future. These reasons make special art pieces a target for thieves. Therefore, you might want to purchase an art storage unit that comes with a few notable safety features. Prioritize aspects such as fingerprint scanning, alarm systems, cameras, and motion sensors.

You may also want to pay attention to the design of the unit. Is it sturdy enough to protect your paintings and portraits if something heavy falls on it? Ensure the materials used to build the unit guarantee added safety.

3. Temperature Control

If you have been in the art business for some time, you understand the kind of harm extremely low or high temperatures cause. Moisture causes wood and paper to warp, affecting the overall quality. Heat can cause fading and material damage.

It is essential to go the extra mile and ensure the art storage unit you choose has climate control features. The storage unit should preserve the life and condition of your air for as long as you wish.

4. Your Budget

Many factors affect the cost of art storage units. For example, the size, additional features, and the material used to build the unit may influence the price of the storage unit. Therefore, take your time to focus on your needs and set a budget to avoid overspending or choosing a unit that does not meet your storage needs.

As an art lover, it's normal to treasure your art collections. Buying or renting a reliable art storage unit is the first step towards taking this responsibility seriously. Follow these tips to ensure you choose a reliable art storage unit.