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Add Vibrancy To Your Library Walls With These Mural Ideas

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There are lots of ways to make the interior of your local library look appealing for those who visit. While displays about various authors can be effective, don't overlook the importance of the appearance of your walls. There's a good chance that they may just be one color, but enlisting the help of a local mural artist can dramatically change their appearance. One or more murals can make the interior of this space feel cheery and welcoming, which could help to encourage more young people to visit. Here are some library-specific ideas that your artist may be able to paint.

Reading Nook

Many people visit the library to take out books that they'll read at home, but others enjoy finding a space in the library to read for a period of time. A mural in one or more of these areas can transform the look and feel of the space. One idea to consider is a painted reading nook. For example, if you have a couch or a few chairs set up for people to use for reading, the right mural on the wall can be a nice touch. The mural design could include a window with some velvet curtains and perhaps even a fireplace to further support the cozy theme.

Literary Characters

Another idea to think about is a mural that offers depictions of famous literary characters. This mural design can be a good choice in the children's section of your library, as there are many easy-to-recognize characters from children's books that your artist can include. Characters from children's detective novels, fantasy novels, comic books, and a wide variety of other publications can be exciting for children to see. You may even find that some children begin to ask library staff about some of the characters, which could prompt the exploration of different books.


Your library likely has no shortage of actual bookshelves, but the image of bookshelves can also work well in a mural design. Your mural artist can come up with a design that features multiple shelves, and may even wish to include an element such as a painted ladder that gives the illusion of providing access to the upper shelves. For an added touch, the artist might include actual books in the design — for example, writing the books' names and authors on the spine. This detail can be fun for visitors to the library, as they'll enjoy looking at the books and identifying those that they've previously read.

For more information about murals, contact a local artist.