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Are You Designing An Office Entrance That Must Make A Grand Impression? 4 Benefits Of Adding A Realistic Sculpture

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The entrance to your office building should be memorable yet comfortable enough that visitors can instantly feel at ease. Whether your office caters to executives or high-class clients, you want to know that they get the right impression from the moment that they walk through the doors of the building. Once you've established the basics of the design scheme, you may still feel as though the area could use something more. Realistic sculptures are an option that you can use to achieve the exact effects that you want to make a strong impression on everyone who comes to your business.

Set the Right Tone From the Start

The foyer of your office building should set the tone for future interactions. Is your company known for being highly professional and precise with their services? Then look for a sculpture that highlights your company's eye for quality in art. Alternatively, you might be wanting to set a more friendly tone that puts visitors to the building at ease. Adding a realistic piece of art serves as a conversation piece that they can use as they begin interacting with the people who work for your company.

Reinforce the Company's Brand

You can also choose a realistic sculpture that matches the overall theme of your company's brand. For instance, a medical office building may prefer to have a realistic piece of art that represents the people that come to the building, while a veterinarian may prefer to have a sculpture of an animal at the entrance. 

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Piece of Decor

Realistic art tends to never go out of style. This allows you to use the sculpture as an iconic art piece that lasts for many years. Having the same sculpture decorating the entrance for years creates a sense of familiarity that further helps your company to retain its regular customers and clients.

Generate Buzz About Your Company

Realistic art sometimes comes in oversized sculptures that truly make a grand impression. This can help you to inspire visitors to the building to share their experience with your company with others. Life-size, or even just oversized, pieces of realistic art give people the perfect prop to use for a photo opportunity. You can encourage people to take pictures of themselves posing with the art to post on social media. With every post, your company gets a marketing boost that can attract more people to the doors.

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